March 2015 – The Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) for the ASEAN Region is now accepting applications for IDPP Fellowships to pursue master’s degree programs in Public Policy, Global Politics, and e-Learning Technologies at IDPP partner universities across the ASEAN region: (1) A residential, face-to-face Master of Public Policy program at University of Malaya in Malaysia; (2) A virtual (with limited face-to-face residential components) Master of Arts in Political Science, Major in Global Politics program at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines; (3) A virtual Master of Multimedia (E-Learning Technologies) program at Multimedia University in Malaysia.

The IDPP expects to offer up to 15 fellowships funded by The Nippon Foundation (TNF) with preference given to persons from the 10 countries of ASEAN who are blind or visually impaired; deaf or hard-of-hearing; and/or mobility impaired.

Fellowship application deadlines vary based on the master’s program to which the candidate is applying:

23 March: Master of Arts in Political Science, Major in Global Politics at Ateneo de Manila University
20 April: Master of Public Policy at University of Malaya
18 May: Master of Multimedia (E-Learning Technologies) at Multimedia University

The generous IDPP Fellowships are expected to support the participation by students admitted into one of the three master’s programs above. IDPP Fellowships, contingent upon renewal funding from TNF, are anticipated to provide for tuition and a living stipend; books and course materials; technology equipment; support services such as a personal assistant, sign language interpreters, and/or assistive technologies; and costs to participate in the 2015 IDPP Annual Meeting and two-week residency in August in Malaysia.

Academic collaboration with these prestigious master’s programs significantly advance the IDPP’s mission of preparing transformative disability policy leaders and serving as a collaborative “think tank” on disability policy for the ASEAN region through an unparalleled network of 20 leading universities and 4 outreach partners. Courses in these three master’s programs will be taught by the respective host university’s faculty, as well as IDPP faculty who are renowned experts in disability and public policy from across ASEAN and around the world.

For application requirements and to begin the application, visit the IDPP Fellowships Page.

IDPP Fellowships will be awarded to successful candidates contingent upon renewal of grant funding.

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