Despite the growing popularity of the Online and mobile casino, traditional brick and mortar venues remain a popular option for a fun night out with friends for many. However, for many disabled patrons of traditional casinos, the problem of discrimination and the poorly trained staff in terms of working with those with disabilities is making enjoyable times hard to come by for many. Cases from Southampton to Liverpool in the U.K. have been reported where individuals with disabilities have been forcibly removed from the premises of casinos because of problems associated with their specific disability.

One of the major problems associated with the mistreatment of disabled people in traditional casinos comes with the increased use of video screens for many games being played. Large jackpots are offered for multi-venue roulette games replicating the games played at home with a mobile casino. One disabled man, 21-year old Nick Hill reported being forcibly removed from a Reading casino because his severe visual impairment made it impossible for him to read the video screens used for a roulette game.

Mr. Hill was forcibly removed by a member of the door staff when the duty manager quickly moved between live video feeds to check if the disabled man was able to view the games being played. An uncaring attitude to disabled patrons is something Online casino Sites do not have to worry about because players have the ability to use their own mobile device to play the games available through any service.

The case described by Nick Hill is not an isolated case with the Chair of a disability charity in the U.K. city of Southampton faced her own battle with an uncaring staff at a local casino. Marian Brook is the Chair of the Southampton Action for Access charity and is wheelchair-bound because of cerebral palsy, she also suffers from Meniere’s Disease but still enjoys an active social life. Marian has been attending the same casino in Southampton for more than 25 years and recently suffered a problem with vertigo during her last visit to her local casino.

Marian Brook suffers from around three vertigo attacks each month and often requires medical attention because of her other medical conditions. During the vertigo attack at the casino, an ambulance was called and Marian spent some time in hospital before returning to her normal life. Upon her return to the casino she has visited regularly and is a member of, Miss Brook was informed her membership had been suspended and she was no longer allowed on the premises. Marian Brook feels she has been discriminated against and hopes to win her battle to one day return to the venue she has enjoyed many happy hours in.