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About Us

The IDPP is a network of university and outreach partners focused on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region and based at American University in Washington, DC.

Our Vision:

The IDPP contributes to the overall vision of an ASEAN region that is inclusive, barrier-free, and rights-based, where persons with disabilities are leaders in the determination of their own destinies.

Our Mission:

The IDPP strives to be the preeminent institute for: 1) partnering with governments to foster public policies that promote persons with disabilities entering society to compete on a par with their non-disabled peers; 2) preparing disabled leaders in the field of public policy.

Our Objectives:

The IDPP promotes the analysis and understanding of public policies for persons with disabilities. The IDPP has four key objectives that it has been specifically designed to meet in cooperation with its university and outreach partners: 

  • Master’s Degree: Pioneer the world’s first virtual Master’s degree at the intersection of disability studies and public policy using advanced cyberlearning techniques
  • Continuing Education and Certificate Program: Offer certificate and non-degree programs in the areas of disability studies and public policy
  • Outreach and Capacity Building: Engage in outreach and capacity building activities to enhance awareness of and address disability and public policy issues
  • Collaborative Research: Facilitate research on comparative and international disability policy issues as they relate to the ASEAN region

The IDPP Fellowships Program offers fellowships funded by The Nippon Foundation to qualified persons from the ASEAN region to pursue a Master's degree at the intersection of disability studies and public policy.

The IDPP was established in accordance with the ASEAN Vision 2020, which states that ASEAN will:

(1) enhance human resource development in all sectors of the economy through quality education, upgrading of skills and capabilities and training...[and]

(2) [have] all people enjoy equitable access to opportunities for total human development and where the civil society is empowered and gives special attention to the disadvantaged, disabled and marginalized and where social justice and the rule of law reign...

The IDPP was established in full partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat and within the context of The Nippon Foundation—ASEAN Strategic Partnership Agreement, for the purpose of improving the circumstances of persons with disabilities in ASEAN countries.