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IDPP Research Team group photo

The IDPP strives to maintain a robust and prolific research agenda on global disability and public policy issues. The long-term goals of the collaborative research program revolve around the development and implementation of disability-inclusive public policies. We also examine the ways in which accessible cyberinfrastructure can assist in the development of the IDPP network and contribute to the overall goals of ASEAN. The IDPP’s innovative organizational structure and cutting-edge education programs provide affiliated partner institutions, faculty, students and staff with countless research opportunities.

The IDPP is creating a collaborative research portal to facilitate dissemination of research on disability and public policy issues as they relate to ASEAN. IDPP's research is focused on three areas:

(1) Disability Policy and Broader Global Governance Processes at the Global, Regional and National Levels

(2) IDPP Evaluation and Student Experience

(3) Accessible Cyberlearning and Inclusive Education

We invite researchers from our partner institutions to submit relevant works for inclusion on the IDPP Research Portal and Database to